Welcome to Hawkeye 

Builders in Wanaka

Hawkeye Builders Wanaka are a team of Licensed Building Practitioners that have been turning plans into quality homes and commercial hubs throughout New Zealand, since 2009. After years of coastline cottages, forest retreats, city apartments and urban abodes, we are very happy to call the wonderful town of Wanaka home. 


It is here we help locals like yourself bring your unique vision to life, whether you’re building a family home, renovating holiday accommodation or refurbishing your business. Our keen eye for detail ensures every element of the project is carefully considered and the best solution is offered. Our bird’s-eye-view approach allows us to oversee your build from plans to move in day and consider a project from every perspective. 


Now with a list of Otago builds under our tool belt, we have a respect and understanding of this unique environment and the systems required to ensure an efficient, quality process. We’ve also pulled together a team of like-minded local plumbers, electricians, tilers, painters and plasterers, and can recommend quality architects, engineers and planners should you need them.  


And because we love our stunning Wanaka environment, we offer our building partners an eco-recycling service and invest our resources in learning about energy efficient building practices and sustainable materials suited to the spectacular place we call home. 



With over 15 years’ experience in the industry, George knows the importance of getting the finer details right and has an excellent eye for detail. He has a well-earned reputation as an honest and hard-working operator.

Good communication with his clients is integral to the way he does business and he operates a ‘no surprises’ policy – if things change on a project, you’ll know about it. With no job too big or small he doesn’t deal with problems, only solutions – every challenge is an opportunity in disguise.

When at home, George can often be found recycling old materials into new things and he brings this hands-on and creative approach to his building profession. He understands why people move here and loves being able to help people create houses that suits the lifestyle this area provides.

When he’s not building or spending time with his wife, two young sons and dog, you’ll find George in the hills with either a pair of skis, a fly rod, or a rifle (or a combination of all three). 


Richie has loved building since his dad let him use a hammer. Since then, he has guided hundreds of home and business owners along the exciting building journey with a passion for quality craftsmanship and a solution-focused attitude. He believes communication is the foundation of all efficient and successful projects and aims to work closely with his clients and subcontractors to create a lean, mean building machine. 


Richie has worked everywhere from tropical islands to the French Alps. When he’s not on the jobsite, he’s hiking up a hill, skiing down a slope, riding along the river or sampling the local pie scene and making the most of our wonderful region.